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Frequently Asked Questions

Typically around 30 days. Larger budgets may begin to expand that window. When you create your campaign, an estimated timeframe will be displayed.

Every Rise campaign budget is fully inclusive: Setup cost, advertising spend, campaign oversight, and analytics/reporting. There are no additional or hidden costs. Spotify campaigns do offer optional a-la-carte fees for sending messages to subscribers.

Yes. All of the visitors are real people who have shown interest in viewing or engaging with your original content.

All Rise campaigns are delivered through high quality, targeted Facebook/Instagram advertising based on performance data. YouTube campaigns are delivered through the YouTube advertising platform.

Rise campaigns grow the number of engaged Spotify followers you have and those followers to opt-in to save your music (both current promotions and future releases). This growth and engagement signals to the Spotify algorithm that there is popularity behind the song, and in return the algorithm begins to introduce your music to new listeners through algorithmic playlisting, “up next”, radio stations, similar artists, and more.

There is no minimum or maximum here, it all depends on how the algorithm responds to your music. It all comes down to these factors and more: the quality of your music, your budget, consistency, and additional sources of listeners. Consistency is one of the most important factors. While a single campaign will deliver the projected results, it’s best to allocate a marketing budget for each release and release them consistently, building your numbers over time. Artists using Rise that are on their 5th or 6th consecutive release have enjoyed substantial and sometimes exponential monthly listener growth.

Rise pulls in your original content associated with your campaign and is showcased in the ads. Ads are chosen by performance data and your campaign goals.

Generally not. Typically, we consider running advertising from your own accounts to be self-promotional and generate less results for more money. Rise operates a content publishing brand to deliver advertising from a neutral party, where subscribers are voluntarily discovering your content out of genuine interest.

Rise campaigns are tracked with internal analytics tools to ensure you are getting the results from your campaign. Even if you have other paid or organic growth simultaneously, your results will be tracked separately with Rise.

No, we will never ask for your passwords or directly access your accounts. Rise will however connect to your social accounts via a secure authentication to collect audience and analytics data, but this does not allow access into your account. This access is necessary to deliver successful and fully optimized campaigns.

Refunds are accepted prior to the campaign going live. After that, the funds are committed to the campaign for the duration and cannot be refunded.

Spotify Features

100% Real Growth

Spotify has become inflated with artificial streams, shady playlist curators, and unrealistic expectations for marketing.

With Rise, the marketing is real and realistic. Every fan acquired is a real person targeted for you, who will listen to your music, and explicitly grant permission to Follow and Save your music.

Do It Yourself

Ever get a pre-save or follow link and then be left with the DIY task of trying to figure out how to market it? Problem solved. 

Rise takes care of generating your Follow & Save campaigns, and guarantees how many high-quality fans will save it, before you pay.

Less than $1 Per Fan

Get guaranteed results for your marketing spend without guessing.

  • Engagement Growth

    Rise campaigns focus on building Followers and Song Saves which focuses on elevating the Spotify Popularity Index, the part of the algorithm that recommends your music to people.

  • Monthly Listeners & Streaming

    As a result of a successful, and especially ongoing Follower & Pre-Save Growth, the Spotify algorithm features your music on Discover Weekly and Release Radar. This increases your chances of substantial organic streaming growth.

  • Pre-Save Future Releases*

    When you acquire Followers through Rise, you do not have to pay to reach them again. Not only will they Follow you and Save your current release, they will opt-in to Pre-Save every future release that is promoted through Rise.

    This means a $2K budget per release means you will have a minimum of 6,000 real Pre-Saves on your third release.

  • Direct Message Followers

    Rise receives opt-ins from fans to receive messages regarding your music. This means on your release date, we can message every fan who pre-saved your release and let them know it's available to stream along with a link. Your Rise subscribers can be messaged any other time you wish as well. This feature is available for a nominal cost per message.

  • Premium Audience Targeting

    All Rise campaigns target two primary audiences, people who already like you but haven't Followed or Saved your music, and secondly a carefully crafted brand new audience who will hear your music for the first time.

  • Reports and Analytics

    Rise reports on the key deliverable metrics for each campaign. You'll have access to see campaign stats via weekly email updates and accessible in your Dashboard anytime.

*However very rare, people have the option to opt-out and therefore unfollow at any time, and this feature is also subject to changes within Spotify.

YouTube Features

100% Real Views

There are lots of websites and shady marketing companies promising views. Some are click farms, some are scammers getting you fraction-of-a-penny views from any distant corner of the world.

Rise doesn’t. Reach high quality viewers and top-tier locations to ensure your content is seen by the best possible real viewers.

Clear and Fair Pricing

$12 per 1,000 Views (In-Stream)
$19 per 1,000 Views (Discovery)


100% of the advertising is delivered through the YouTube platform and reviewed by a Google/YouTube employee prior to going live.

  • Industry Experts

    Our team has extensive experience in advertising on YouTube. You can trust that your video will be in the best hands and that the utmost quality is at play for every campaign.

  • Channel Connection

    For every creator, your channel will be connected to the Rise master account to take advantage of exclusive audience targeting and data not available anywhere else.

  • Custom Audience Profiles

    Rise combines both the expertise you have of your own channel, along with our in-house expertise, and the data itself. This allows the best possible audience profiles to be created for every campaign, providing high quality viewers at fair rates.

  • Subscriber & Engagement Growth

    When selecting the "Discovery" advertising option, you will not only increase your view count, but also valuable engagement (Likes, Comments, Shares, and Subscribers). This not only builds your video, but your channel too.

  • In-Stream and Discovery

    In-Stream Ads (aka pre-roll) ads play before other YouTube videos. If you are looking to reach the largest number of viewers at a lower cost, In-Stream is the way to go. The engagement rate is typically lower than a Discovery campaign. All Rise campaigns target your ideal audience and run through the YouTube/Google platform.

    Discovery Ads are optionally played by the viewer and attract a higher quality view. If you are looking for an increased amount of engagement (comments and likes) and subscriber growth, Discovery is worth the additional cost. All Rise campaigns target your ideal audience and run through the YouTube/Google platform.

  • Reports and Analytics

    Rise reports on the key deliverable metrics for each campaign. You'll have access to see campaign stats via weekly email updates and accessible in your Dashboard anytime.

Instagram Features

100% Real Engagement

Rise doesn’t utilize or associate with any software or practices that inflate engagement, fake activity, use click farms, or any other disingenuous methods.

All campaigns utilize premium Facebook and Instagram Ads delivered from your account in tandem with ads from Rise.

Guaranteed Results

From $2-4 per 100 Engagements, get guaranteed results for your marketing budget without guessing.

  • Engagement First

    We all like a big follower count, but these days we know the facts. Engagement is a lot more important now than it ever has been. Thousands of fake or non-engaged followers only hurts your profile. Rise focuses on building Likes, Comments, Shares, and Profile Visits as the first priority.

  • Increase Your Reach

    Your content will be seen by hundreds of thousands, or millions of people who are specially targeted for your content. This means more people seeing your posts and more opportunities to engage in a crowded feed.

  • Grow Your Followers (beta)

    While Engagement is the first priority with any Rise Instagram campaign, we aim to build your followers as well. The focus is on quality, and less on quantity. Rise is not a good fit for you if you're expecting huge follower numbers for low cost.

  • Reports and Analytics

    Rise reports on the key deliverable metrics for each campaign. You'll have access to see campaign stats via weekly email updates and accessible in your Dashboard anytime.