TikTok Engagement Campaigns

The best performance-based TikTok marketing available — all with guaranteed results and clear pricing.

Features & Details

100% Real TikTok Traffic

Rise doesn’t utilize or associate with any software or practices that inflate engagement, fake activity, use click farms, or any other disingenuous methods. We won’t be giving away any iPhones or cash to get you visitors.

All campaigns utilize premium TikTok ads delivered from your account.

Guaranteed Results

Expect guaranteed results for your marketing budget without guessing.

Grow Content Engagement

Rise TikTok campaigns are designed to drive large amounts of traffic to specific posts in order to grow your following and/or increase engagement.

Get large quantities of views and engagement with the highest quality ad targeting optimized by a dedicated TikTok representative.

  • Amplify Key Content

    Rise TikTok campaigns focus on promoting key pieces of content on your feed that are designed to promote new song releases or other key features.

  • Increase Your Engagement

    By showcasing your content to highly targeted viewers, you'll see an uptick of video views, likes, comments, shares, profile visits, and new followers.

  • You Pick The Content

    We recommend that you pick content that you feel best represents your brand, image, and sound. We will not create any content on your behalf.

  • Unparalleled Audiences & Targeting

    Rise has unrivaled audiences and data at its disposal to advertise and recommend your music effectively. From rap to chill instrumental and everything in between, Rise has proprietary audience pools of warm listeners from around the world for direct recommendation, highly targeted advertising, playlist audiences, and re-targeting audiences.

  • Reports and Analytics

    Rise reports on the key deliverable metrics for each campaign. You'll have access to see campaign stats via weekly email updates and accessible in your Dashboard anytime.

How It Works

Create Your Campaign

Get started instantly. It's very fast, you don't need to create an account, and it can be done in just a couple of minutes.

You'll chose the type, launch date, and then fill in some details for your campaign.


Quality Assurance

Each campaign goes through a quality assurance check, where an expert will review and ensure your campaign is optimized and ready. 

Once your campaign has gone through the queue it will go live. 


Showcase Ads

Rise runs highly effective ad campaigns from your TikTok profile that place your best content in the feeds of people who are most likely to engage with you.

Our audience data is unparalleled in the music industry. Your campaign will be automatically optimized to run the best possible ads for your profile to obtain your results. 


TikTok Ads Are Very Cost Effective

Despite TikTok ads being relatively new, we have a team of professionals that are already experts in the space. Tik Tok ads are currently more cost effective than Facebook ads, so you'll get more bang for your buck.


Rise Does The Rest

Sit back and watch your audience grow. You'll receive email updates letting you know the status of your campaign, or you can check in your Dashboard anytime.


Want more information about how this campaign works? Read our detailed guide here:

TikTok FAQ

How long is a campaign?

When you create your campaign, an estimated timeframe will be displayed. The number of days will change automatically based on your campaign type and budget.

What's included in the cost?

Everything. Your budget is fully inclusive to obtain the results advertised. There will be no hidden fees, percentages of ad-spend, or other old school costs to worry about.

What are Engagements?

Engagements are video views, likes, comments, shares, profile visits, or other valuable interactions from people who discover your content.

Do you guarantee a specific number of Followers?

Rise can offer a specific range of followers on Spotify and TikTok.

Engagement campaigns guarantee a specific number of Impressions and Engagements.

What is the ad targeting and can I change it?

Campaigns are advertised to the markets with the highest engagement. What that means is advertising where data tells us people are most likely to listen and take high value actions like Likes, Comments, Shares, and Follows. This is based on the data we have available at scale. This changes frequently according to new data and trends.

What content will be used for the ads?

All creative for TikTok campaigns must be posted to your feed prior to creating the campaign on Rise. You’ll input the link to your promoted post when you setup your campaign.

How do I know the results are from Rise?

Rise campaigns are tracked with internal analytics tools to ensure you are getting the results from your campaign. Even if you have other paid or organic growth simultaneously, your results will be tracked separately with Rise.

Will you login to my account?

No, we will never ask for your passwords or directly access your accounts. You will provide secure advertiser access via Facebook Business Manager.

What is the refund policy?

Refunds are accepted prior to the campaign going live. After that, the funds are committed to the campaign for the duration and cannot be refunded.

Create a Campaign

Create your Tik Tok campaign now and start seeing the growth immediately! Enter any budget and our campaign creator will show your guaranteed results before you start your campaign. It takes just a few minutes to create a campaign.