Conversion Campaigns

The best performance-based Spotify marketing available — all with guaranteed results and clear pricing.

Features & Details

100% Real Growth

Spotify has become inflated with artificial streams, shady playlist curators, and unrealistic expectations for marketing.

With Rise, the marketing is real and realistic. Every fan acquired is a real person targeted for you, who will listen to your music, and explicitly grant permission to Follow and Save your music.

Do It Yourself

Ever get a pre-save or follow link and then be left with the DIY task of trying to figure out how to market it? Problem solved. 

Rise takes care of generating your Follow & Save campaigns, and guarantees how many high-quality fans will save it, before you pay.


Get guaranteed results for your marketing spend without guessing.

Grow Engaged Listeners

Rise Conversion campaigns are designed to increase Followers and Song Saves or Pre-Saves on Spotify. These are high-value actions that convert real listeners and increase your chances of gaining algorithmic traction.

Conversion campaigns are designed to work in-tandem with Exposure Campaigns, and we recommend creating one of each campaign type per release for best results.

  • Why Conversion Campaigns?

    Conversion campaigns focus on building Followers and Song Saves which in addition to earning you new real listeners, it focuses on elevating the Spotify Popularity Index, the part of the algorithm that recommends your music to people. This can increase your chances of getting on algorithmic playlists, radio, and more.

  • Discover Weekly & Release Radar

    Conversion campaigns will earn you new Followers and those followers will also Save or Pre-Save your song. As a result, Spotify is significantly more likely to feature your music on Discover Weekly, Release Radar, and other discovery outlets for those listeners. Spotify may also include your music in email announcements that go out to Followers. All of these increase your chances of substantial organic streaming growth.

  • Pre-Save Future Releases

    When you acquire Followers through Rise, you do not have to pay to reach them again. Not only will they Follow you and Save your current release, they will opt-in to Pre-Save every future release that is promoted through Rise.

    This means a $2K budget per release means you will have a minimum of 6,000 Rise Pre-Saves on your third release.

  • Unparalleled Audiences & Targeting

    Rise has unrivaled audiences and data at its disposal to advertise and recommend your music effectively. From rap to chill instrumental and everything in between, Rise has proprietary audience pools of warm listeners from around the world for direct recommendation, highly targeted advertising, playlist audiences, and re-targeting audiences.

  • Reporting and Analytics

    You'll be able to track your results through your Dashboard and receive status updates about your campaign automatically.

How It Works

Create Your Campaign

Get started instantly. It's very fast, you don't need to create an account, and it can be done in just a couple of minutes.

You'll chose the type, launch date, and then fill in some details for your campaign.


Quality Assurance

Each campaign goes through a quality assurance check, where an expert will review and ensure your campaign is optimized and ready. 

Once your campaign has gone through the queue it will go live. 


Tout Discovery Flow

Rise analyzes your song and Spotify profile data to determine it's placement in our proprietary music discovery platform, Tout.

Once in, your artwork will be displayed in a beautiful card with an embedded Spotify player that allows prospective fans to listen to a 30-second preview of your music.

If the listener likes what they hear, they "Like" and opt-in to Follow you, Save your song, and opt-in to pre-save future songs promoted on Rise. 

Additionally, your music will be automatically tagged and categorized for potential features or recommendations in the future.


Tout Recommendations

Tout, described in the last step, has more than 900,000+ (growing by thousands per day) music fans who have subscribed to receive music recommendations based on their listening preferences.

Based on your song, genre, profile, and other factors, your song may be recommended directly to a listener who is a match for your music.

These recommendations ensure your song is introduced to new listeners who are most likely to like your song. This also automatically increases your chances of being featured on Release Radar, Discover Weekly, and more.


Unparalleled Advertising

Rise runs large-scale and campaign-specific social ads that have delivered to music lovers that have contributed to countless millions of clicks and swipes to discover new music. 

Our audience data is unparalleled in the music industry. Your campaign will be automatically optimized to run the best possible ads for your song to obtain your results. 

Rise advertises to proprietary warm audiences of listeners who are interested in your genre, or even in specific artists that are like you.


Rise Does The Rest

Sit back and watch your audience grow. You'll receive email updates letting you know the status of your campaign, or you can check in your Dashboard anytime.


Want more information about how this campaign works? Read our detailed guide here:

Spotify FAQ

How long is a campaign?

When you create your campaign, an estimated timeframe will be displayed. The number of days will change automatically based on your campaign type and budget.

What's included in the cost?

Everything. Your budget is fully inclusive to obtain the results advertised. There will be no hidden fees, percentages of ad-spend, or other old school costs to worry about.

How do conversion campaigns grow my Spotify monthly listeners?

Rise campaigns grow the number of engaged Spotify followers you have and those followers to opt-in to save your music (both current promotions and future releases). This growth and engagement signals to the Spotify algorithm that there is popularity behind the song, and in return the algorithm begins to introduce your music to new listeners through algorithmic playlisting, “up next”, radio stations, similar artists, and more.

What is the ad targeting and can I change it?

Campaigns are advertised to the markets with the highest engagement. What that means is advertising where data tells us people are most likely to listen and take high value actions like Follows and Song Saves. This is based on the data we have available at scale. This changes frequently according to new data and trends.

The downsides to tailored placement (i.e. only advertise me in Nashville) are dramatically higher pricing and we would lose the ability to guarantee results. The goal is to introduce your music to the people who are most likely to enjoy it, so Rise finds them wherever they are. Adding further customizations is something that we are exploring, but we are tackling this in a novel way.

How much will my monthly listeners grow?

There is no minimum or maximum here, it all depends on how the algorithm responds to your music. It all comes down to these factors and more: the quality of your music, your budget, consistency, and additional sources of listeners. Consistency is one of the most important factors. While a single campaign will deliver the projected results, it’s best to allocate a marketing budget for each release and release them consistently, building your numbers over time. Artists using Rise that have ran consistent campaigns for each release have enjoyed substantial and sometimes exponential monthly listener growth.

Can I customize my creative assets?

For Conversion campaigns, your artwork will be pulled automatically via the Spotify API. When you have the option, you may also upload a Featured Photo or other creative assets during your campaign setup. These assets will be tested alongside other creatives from our library and the best performer will run. 

How do I know the results are from Rise?

Rise campaigns are tracked with internal analytics tools to ensure you are getting the results from your campaign. Even if you have other paid or organic growth simultaneously, your results will be tracked separately with Rise.

Will you login to my account?

No, we will never ask for your passwords or directly access your accounts. You will need to invite Rise to your Spotify for Artists as a viewer.

What is the refund policy?

Refunds are accepted prior to the campaign going live. After that, the funds are committed to the campaign for the duration and cannot be refunded.

Create a Campaign

Create your Spotify Conversion campaign now and start seeing the growth immediately! Enter any budget and our campaign creator will show your guaranteed results before you start your campaign. It takes just a few minutes to create a campaign.