Campaigns & Pricing

From building awareness about your next song release to growing a playlist brand on Spotify, each campaign type was built by demand from artists and innovation from Rise. The best part is you’ll have confidence knowing that your results are guaranteed.

Spotify Campaigns


Designed to increase Followers and Song Saves or Pre-Saves on Spotify.

Significantly increase your chances of gaining algorithmic traction on Spotify with high value conversion campaigns.

Fact: Followers who opt-in via Rise also pre-save all your future releases promoted via Rise.


Designed to increase Impressions and Monthly Listeners on Spotify.

Get highly targeted listeners to hear your music in ads and swipe to listen to more of your music right away.

Fact: Includes automatic playlist submissions to our internal playlist network and our premium partners.

Playlist Growth

Designed to increase Followers and listeners on your Spotify playlist.

Grow your own playlist or playlist brand by gaining new Followers and increasing your playlist’s exposure.

Fact: Rise added more than 350,000+ playlist followers for customers its first year. 

YouTube Campaigns


Designed to increase views affordably but with less chances for engagement.

Introduce your video to highly targeted listeners through pre-roll ads on YouTube.

Fact: Rise has delivered more than 50 Million impressions for artists around the world.


Designed to increase views and increase chances for getting engagement.

Discovery campaigns enable the possibility of receiving Likes, Comments, Subscribers, and Shares in addition to views.

Fact: Running YouTube campaigns through Google is very time consuming and difficult.

TikTok Campaigns


Designed to grow as many high quality followers as possible.

Drive traffic to a specific piece of content in your feed. We suggest picking content that you feel best represents your brand.

Fact: We are in regular contact with a dedicated TikTok representative to ensure the highest quality results from real people. 


Designed to drive large amounts of traffic to a specific post promoting your release.

Get large quantities of views and engagement on a special piece of content in your feed.

Fact: You can pick any piece of content as long as it is public on your TikTok profile.

Instagram Campaigns

Profile Visits

Designed to send traffic to your Instagram account by showcasing your best content.

Get your content in front of new prospective fans who can Engage and/or Follow you.

Fact: Rise will never force anyone to follow, offer a giveaway item, or send bots to your profile.


Designed to drive large amounts of traffic to a specific post promoting your release.

Get large quantities of views and engagement on a special piece of content in your feed.

Fact: You can input a link to any other website or service to send your viewers.

Custom Campaigns

Retainer Subscription

Designed for record labels, publishers, or management companies that spend frequently and process larger amounts of campaigns.

Get a 10-15% discount by committing to a monthly spend on Rise and simplify to a single bill, with the flexibility to create any type of campaign for as many different artists as you like.

Fact: We love working with industry companies and have developed some amazing friendships with the people that run them!

Custom Goals

Designed to drive large-scale awareness and get prospective fans to take multiple actions. Minimum spend is $5,000 plus a $750 setup fee.

Get a dedicated landing page with custom actions including steps multiple social media platforms or custom asks. Collect email addresses and directly market to new fans.

Fact: This is the equivalent to our secret menu.


Each Rise campaign requires a minimum budget of $50. Enter any budget and our campaign creator will show your guaranteed results before you start your campaign. Setup and launch a campaign in minutes!