About Rise

We designed Rise to be accessible to any serious artist or music company that wants to get better results for their marketing spend. Our goal is to provide artists, labels, and publishers the tools to make sure every dollar produces measurable results.

Why Rise?

Rise is backed and overseen by a team of real Growth Experts, and campaigns are completely authentic. Trusted by indie and majors alike.

There are absolutely no bots, fake numbers, or shady marketing practices. 

The Platform

Rise is 100% automated. Create or Schedule a Campaign anytime, receive automated reporting and exceptional support from your Dashboard.

Get guaranteed minimum results with every campaign.

Customer Service

Rise offers amazing customer service. Our team is available throughout your campaign to help you and ensure success. 

We are experienced music and marketing industry experts.


Rise is trusted by indie artists, major labels, and brands across the board. Here’s what people are saying.

Alex Ciccimarro
Alex CiccimarroVP Operations at Sony Music
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"Rise has been an extremely beneficial program for our developing artists. It’s not only a great tool to build direct awareness at the DSPs, but it’s also helpful that our content is being delivered to true, early adopters of music."

Artist: Multiple
Website: https://sonymusic.com

Mark Stinson
Mark StinsonA&R at The Nations
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"Working with Rise has been a great experience. They provide real numbers about our followers and pre-saves which have helped grow our artist. Communication with the team is very clear and they make sure we have the most updated data."

Artist: Multiple
Website: https://nations.io

Nikki Fair
Nikki FairVP Digital Marketing at Nettwerk Music Group
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"Rise has become an essential key to enabling us to grow real, engaged fanbases for emerging artists on Spotify. These campaigns yield genuine connections for our artists. We notice the communities we grow with Rise stick around long after the campaigns end. Their targeting database is spot-on, and they have the ability to find people that respond to the artist and their music, versus meeting a target number. Our experience has been very positive, and the team is always responsive. Solid partners all around. "

Artist: Multiple
Website: http://nettwerk.com

Heather Vassar
Heather VassarVP Marketing at Empire
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"The crew at Rise have continued to go above and beyond creatively and strategically to develop a tool that is incredibly user friendly that also positively moves the needle for our artists without the massive falloff like most post campaign traction. Rather they help provide a strategy to grow fans and engagement to build upon itself time after time."

Artist: Multiple Artists
Website: https://empi.re/

Brian Popowitz
Brian PopowitzGeneral Manager at Black Box
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"A click to stream a song or watch a video is transactional. That’s just a number. But finding, acquiring, and building a connection with a fan - well that’s a relationship. Artists don’t grow because their marketing team inflated followers or juiced views. Artists grow because they have a compelling story to tell and can find an audience to tell that story to. We work with Rise for that. To proactively find an audience. For emerging artists that don’t have major touring or radio or similar points of discovery, your precious paid media dollars have to go further than a facade of followers. Rise is a staple in our arsenal of tools to find audience and convert them to fans. Not as a short cut, but as a long term investment in building a career artist."

Artist: Multiple
Website: https://blackbox.la

James Freshwater
James FreshwaterA&R / Digital Marketing Manager at Curb Records
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"I love working with the Rise team! They have really helped amp up our digital strategy for our roster and we've seen fantastic engagement from their campaigns. I look forward to what the future holds for this team!"

Artist: Multiple
Website: https://curb.com

Jeremy 'Jay' Cohen
Jeremy 'Jay' CohenCEO at Preach Management and Preach Records
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"Rise has been the marketing partner that artists and managers hope for. It always starts with the artist to deliver great music and the team around them to craft a strategy for release. No campaign can magically make a hit happen. But the team at Rise not only execute the campaigns, but add value across the board like no partner that we've worked with in the past. They are a key piece in the recent single 'If That's Alright' crossing 10 million streams on Spotify alone."

Artist: Multiple
Website: http://preach.company/

George Monger
George MongerVP Operations at Beatroot Music
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"Creating real engagement with fans is one of the most important and difficult factors for an independent artist. Rise has helped our artists to grow their audience on YouTube and beyond. We’ve seen an impressive increase in both subscribers and engagement since using Rise campaigns. This is a great tool for any artists at any stage looking to get the most value out of their marketing budget."

Artists: Elijah Blake, multiple others
Website: https://beatroot.com/

Phoebe Wang
Phoebe WangManagement at Gunnar Gehl Music
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"Working with Rise has been a great experience. They provide real numbers about our followers and pre-saves which have helped grow our artist. Communication with the team is very clear and they make sure we have the most updated data."

Artist: Gunnar Gehl
Website: https://scooterbraun.com/music


Our Team

We are entrepreneurs, record label owners, musicians, teachers, and marketing experts.

Tim Jack


Founder of Rise and JACKTV. Co-Founder of The Agent. Serial entrepreneur, investor, and Emmy-winning filmmaker/producer. On the side bar a comedian, fruit farmer, surfer, and guitar player.

Terris Meisenheimer

Director of Strategy & Growth

Ads Operations Director, Lead Strategist, and Growth Expert at Rise. Co-Owner and Operator of Frontline Records and Royalyze Royalty Processing. Musician, Label Admin, and Software Developer.

Theo Fightmaster

Customer Success & Analytics

Managing reporting, analytics, and customer success. Owner and curator of @worldofmusic. Former professional baseball executive. Also a husband, a father, home chef, and twitter comedian.

Chris Drago

Growth Expert & Ads Operations

Campaign Oversight. Music producer, marketing educator, drummer. Graduate from Berklee College of Music. Clothing designer.

Mike Sarge

Social Marketing Lead

Social Media Strategy, Artist Relations, & Content Creation. Artist, Rapper, Influencer, and Active Duty Military (Air Force) “Everyone wants to share expertise, but who is going to serve?”

Candice Lee

Ads Operations

Platform expert, ad content, and creatives. Artist, singer-songwriter, guitarist, and harpist. Music Industry graduate from Drexel University. Current MBA candidate with a concentration in Marketing.

Henry Cutting

Project Management

Executing cross-department initiatives to improve customer experience, implement automation, and maximize efficiency. Assist in turning the Rise team’s brilliant ideas into reality. Musician passionate about DIY scenes, burritos, and good drum fills. 

David House

Artist Outreach

Audience Growth. Musician, producer, and brand marketing wizard.  Also an outdoor enthusiast, avid reader, happy husband and foodie actively practicing restraint.

+ software team including ecommerce marketing, content production, direct-to-consumer advertising, and more.