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Submit your song to the Rise Playlist Network for free. We guarantee that our curators will listen to your song. If it’s a good fit, we’ll place it in our network of over 3 Million Spotify listeners!

How It Works

Submitting to our playlist network is free, fast, and super easy!

1. Submission

Fill out the submission form above for the song you want our curators to hear. Be sure your email address is correct so we can send you updates about your submission status.

2. Curation

Our curators will be notified of your submission and will listen to your song ASAP. If the music is a good fit for our playlists, you will get email notifications letting you know your song was placed.

3. Follow Up

If your song is placed on one or more playlists, congrats! You will receive an email with exclusive Rise promotions to unlock discounts on campaigns to grow your Spotify audience even more!

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