Tout Slingshot

Cinematic in-studio release performances with guaranteed distribution to millions of highly targeted listeners and viewers on our socials, web app, and playlist network.

Step 1: Cinematic In-Studio Filming

Our in-house team will capture a cinematic performance video of your song tailored for social media distribution. Additionally, we’ll capture some bite-sized social clips that appeal to listeners interests and emotions to further convert viewers into engaged fans.

Our in-house video production team is led by Emmy-winning producer and Rise CEO, Tim Jack.

Step 2: Social Distribution via Tout

Our team will edit and finalize content for publishing on Tout socials (Instagram and TikTok). <1min performance video will receive guaranteed exposure from our highly targeted, ad-driven listener audiences reaching 8-10M music fans monthly. 

Supplemental bite-size content will be posted to follow song release to capture more interested fans.

Step 3: Feature in Tout Discovery Flow

Slingshot artists will be featured in our artist discovery flow web app which receives over 80,000+ monthly unique visitors, all are highly targeted music fans voluntarily discovering new music. 

As a result, you’ll increase Spotify Followers and Song Saves / Pre-Saves in addition to the exposure. 

Step 4: Playlist Placement

Any artist who applies for Slingshot will be vetted by our in-house playlist curator for placement consideration in our owned network of more than 700,000 playlist followers on Spotify.

You’ll be considered for one or more of our aligned playlists for a 10 day feature.


How much is Tout Slingshot?

Budgets begin at $2.5K and are all inclusive of production, editing, distribution, and promotion.

How many views will I get?

Each Slingshot performance will be guaranteed a minimum of 500,000+ highly targeted views between Instagram and TikTok, with the potential to be much higher.

Can I post the content on my account?

Crossposting / collaborative posts are encouraged. Reposted videos by request only.

How many Spotify Followers will I get from Tout Discovery?

For Slingshot campaigns, your feature will last 10 days actively being promoted on Tout Discovery, but we do not guarantee or predict a specific number. 

Where does the traffic come from and is it real?

Tout has delivered over 2 Million Spotify follow conversions over the past 3 years to voluntary listeners and is 100% authentic. Traffic is delivered via highly targeted social ads on Meta and TikTok. In addition, Tout has over 1M+ internal subscribers and 100,000+ monthly unique web app visitors.

Apply Now

Submit your application here for review. Artists must be in LA or available to travel to LA for filming.