Get more people to discover and listen to your music, guaranteed.

Spend more time creating great music and less time worrying about how to get results on Spotify, YouTube, and Instagram.

Create your first campaign now and preview your guaranteed results before you start!

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Get more people to discover and listen your music, guaranteed.

Spend more time creating great music and less time worrying about how to get results on Spotify, YouTube, and Instagram.

Create your first campaign now and preview your guaranteed results before you start!

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Benefit from Rise’s expansive music industry audience data, retargeting capabilities, and subscribed music fans to promote your releases, videos, and content more effectively.

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Grow real Spotify followers and increase your monthly listeners

Grow real Spotify followers and increase your monthly listeners

Grow real TikTok followers and increase views.

Increase YouTube views and engagement with premium viewers

Increase your Instagram profile traffic and engagement

Increase your Instagram profile traffic and engagement

What the Music Industry is saying about Rise

What I like about Rise is that it is largely a controlled and definite outcome. I give them a budget, identify the campaign that will accomplish a specific goal, and it tells me exactly what to expect as a result. You know what your dollars are going into and what you will get out of them!

I have been using Rise for almost 3 years when I first used them the results blew me away. Their team of experts helped me elevate the artists I was working with at our agency (whether signed or independent) and reach a wider audience that engaged with my clients. Their personalized approach and attention to detail made me feel like a valued client and helped make my marketing tasks less stressful. I highly recommend Rise to anyone looking to take their music brand/influencer brand to the next level.

AWAL artists use Rise to authentically and reliably grow fans + engagement across Spotify, TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. We love that campaigns can be set up in a matter of minutes and results are guaranteed every time. The team at Rise are hard-working people of integrity and we would refer them to any serious artist or company who is looking for turnkey results. We look forward to expanding our work with Rise and will be watching their new developments!

Love working with Rise to grow real fans for our artists. The results are measurable, the impact is long term, the platform is very user friendly, and the customer service is excellent. Highly recommend.

Theo and the team at Rise have developed a self-service platform that is user friendly and yields real results.. If you're looking for a tool to organically grow your Spotify followers and monthly listeners, look no further.

I love Rise! I've been working with them for several years now; we've done various campaigns together, and every time I'm thrilled with the results. They're so easy to work with, provide great data, and most importantly, it works! I'd recommend them to artists of all sizes, keep growing, keep engaging, and let rise help.

Rise has been an extremely beneficial program for our developing artists. It’s not only a great tool to build direct awareness at the DSPs, but it’s also helpful that our content is being delivered to true, early adopters of music.

Building up a fanbase for new and up-and-coming artists can be very challenging. Streams are one thing, but getting followers is one of the toughest aspects of the streaming era that we currently live in. has been an excellent resource in getting our artist projects an extra push from the gate and we've had a great experience with them!

The crew at Rise have continued to go above and beyond creatively and strategically to develop a tool that is incredibly user friendly that also positively moves the needle for our artists without the massive falloff like most post campaign traction. Rather they help provide a strategy to grow fans and engagement to build upon itself time after time.

Rise has become an essential key to enabling us to grow real, engaged fanbases for emerging artists on Spotify. These campaigns yield genuine connections for our artists. We notice the communities we grow with Rise stick around long after the campaigns end. Their targeting database is spot-on, and they have the ability to find people that respond to the artist and their music, versus meeting a target number. Our experience has been very positive, and the team is always responsive. Solid partners all around.

I love working with the Rise team! They have really helped amp up our digital strategy for our roster and we've seen fantastic engagement from their campaigns. I look forward to what the future holds for this team!

Rise is the best platform out there to organically target and curate an audience. Rise has applied traditional marketing methods of acquiring true fans and made it easy for indie artists to use these strategies to invest in themselves. For independent artists who are a bit mystified on how to build an audience without tour or radio support, Rise is the answer. Data is currency and they allow artists to strategically build audience growth for continued independence or the potential to attract investment. We look forward to continued campaigns with Rise across all of our indie artists.

Rise has helped our artists to grow their audience on YouTube and beyond. We’ve seen an impressive increase in both subscribers and engagement since using Rise campaigns. This is a great tool for any artists at any stage looking to get the most value out of their marketing budget.

Rise is a staple in our arsenal of tools to find audience and convert them to fans. Not as a short cut, but as a long term investment in building a career artist.

The team at Rise not only execute the campaigns, but add value across the board like no partner that we've worked with in the past. They are a key piece in the recent single 'If That's Alright' crossing 10 million streams on Spotify alone.

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