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POV: Rise customer sees 290% increase in streaming and engagement

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you released a song without Rise? Well, good news for you, one of our longstanding artists did just that, and reported back his results.

Did Rise really result in an almost 300% increase?

Yes it did! This particular artist has been running Spotify Conversion campaigns consistently with Rise since July of 2022, and has amassed more than 2,000 Rise Fans.

As explained in the video, the artist released the song without first setting up a Rise pre-save campaign. But the song’s performance was lackluster.

Because of those early low engagement numbers, they turned to Rise to immediately start a Conversion campaign.  

“I noticed a notable difference in performance between our previous campaign with (Rise)” the artists said in an email, “and the current one without them.”

“By Day 3, our previous campaign had achieved a 5.2% Followers Stream rate, whereas the current single, without Rise, was at 1.3%,” he added. “The variance is compelling and has me wishing we had stuck with Rise from the start!”

How does a Rise campaign make such a difference?

When you submit a new Conversion campaign we retarget previous listeners in our internal audience with ads, and add songs to their custom playlists. We’ve also seen that when we execute pre-saves on a song, organic fan engagement follows.

Why is my release engagement so low, and can Rise really help increase it?

Have you ever released a song and checked your Spotify For Artist page to see the Release Engagement stats, only to be depressed by the small number of followers who actually streamed your new song?

While every artist hopes their followers engage and stream their new music, unfortunately that’s not the case. Just like when you post on Instagram, only a small percentage of your Instagram followers see the post, and even fewer will engage with it. 

The same is true for other platforms, including Spotify. Followers may not see your new song in their library, or even listen to their Release Radar through no fault of your own. 

By running a Spotify Conversion campaign through Rise, you can proactively alert your followers to the new song, and you will see a higher percentage of them engage with it.

“The Rise effect” was definitely seen and felt,” per the artist responsible for this case study. “The track had a +338% jump in streams yesterday and I am attributing it to all of the Saves hitting people’s libraries.” 

Why we recommend using Rise Consistently

On average, Spotify’s Release Radar playlist only reaches about 10% of your Spotify Audience. But by running consistent Conversion campaigns with Rise for each new release, you can ensure your followers have your song added to their libraries. And when this is matched with great music and organic traction you can increase your chances of algorithmic success. 

No matter your budget, Rise can get your music or content in front of engaged fans, just like we did for the artist above!

Do you want to put your new music/content in front of new audiences? Check out our campaign pricing calculator to get started today!