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Case Study: How One Band Gained 40K New Spotify Followers with Rise – Unlocking Success

Did you know that more than 70% of artists who create one campaign with Rise come back to create additional campaigns? 

Rise works best like anything else — when it’s used regularly and consistently. Even small to medium budgets have lasting impacts used consistently over time.

A great example of a band who used a Rise Subscription for more than two years is VOILÀ. The LA-based pop-rock duo started running a conversion subscription in 2021 (they also ran a few single campaigns prior to this), and amassed more than 40K new followers with help from Rise.

When their Rise Subscription campaign began, VOILÀ had 15,845 Monthly Listeners, 25,240 Streams, and 12,631 Spotify Followers. As you can see they are now sitting at nearly 150K followers, and enjoy a robust 2.26 Million Monthly Listeners Pretty remarkable stuff!

Clearly Luke and Gus, and the rest of their team, deserve the lion’s share of the credit because the music is great, and they’ve worked their butts off. But it’s been a joy and an honor to be along for the their journey.

When you create consistent Spotify campaigns on Rise for each of your releases — or in the case of VOILÀ an ongoing monthly subscription — has proven time and time again to be more effective for steady monthly listener growth than sporadic campaigns.

You can create a Rise campaign in just minutes here.