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How Rise Avoids Bot Followers and Shady Playlists

In a world of instant gratification and fake results, Rise has made the conscious decision to go against the grain.

And while that has led to us losing out on some marketing dollars from artists who are in a hurry to get those “Too Good To Be True” results, it’s also helped us sleep better at night. 

It’s also earned us trust with some of the biggest companies in the industry, like Sony, Warner, AWAL, Vydia, Nettwerk, Empire, The Nations, Scooter Braun Projects and thousands of independent artists around the globe. Go ahead and see for yourself. Just head to our website, and read some of our endorsements

What makes Rise different?

Fake Spotify playlists are everywhere, and they can do far more harm than good. Spotting them isn’t always easy, and our team here at Rise makes sure we’re keeping you and your music safe — and following all of the Terms of Service of Spotify, or any other platform we work with.


Here’s how:

  • Curator vetting: We vet and verify all our curators before and after they are invited to join our Verified Partner Network. We analyze their audience growth, engagement metrics, as well as their commitment to the listener experience.
  • Careful Selection: We test each and every playlist partner internally before pitching your music. We also monitor for suspicious activity having years of experience in identifying fake playlists.
  • Transparency: Our reporting will identify all playlists Rise is responsible for getting your music added to. You can track the results from those playlists with your Spotify For Artists account, where you can see their daily growth and current engagement for yourself.

More than just playlist pitching
There is one glaring question Rise always asks when verifying playlists: 

“If the streams aren’t from bots, where are they from?” 

If it seems impossible for a short, poorly curated playlist with a bad title and few followers to get thousands of streams on your song, it’s because it probably is. We always look for a likely source of streams when verifying, which for our playlists is often high SEO ranking on Spotify, artist-driven advertising, or social media-driven advertising.

Where do the streams come from?

Perhaps what makes Rise the most unique platform is that we’re more than just a third-party playlisting platform. 

And while we do leverage playlists as part of our Spotify strategy, the benefits and engagement doesn’t stop there. Rise has also built its own network of first-party owned and operated playlists called the Tout Playlist Network. These playlists boast hundreds of thousands of followers, and are growing daily. 

Every Rise Spotify Campaign includes a free submission to our Tout curators, and can result in some additional bonus streams, no matter if you run a campaign for Conversions or Exposure.


What’s the difference between Conversion and Exposure Campaigns?


  • Conversion Campaigns (learn more): This satisfies high-value actions in Spotify’s algorithm, Follower Growth and Song Saves (or Pre-Saves). You might not see as many direct streams, but this can drastically increase your chances of getting in, or the overall scale of Release Radar, Discover Weekly, and other algorithmic placements.
    • If you start a Conversions campaign, it will accumulate any pre-saves before going live that it can. The good news is, the campaign will still earn song Saves after the release is out which is still great. These new followers are opting-in to pre-save future releases that you create Rise conversion campaigns for.
  • Exposure Campaign (learn more): This satisfies the “listen now” element. Your song preview will receive direct exposure on social ads where listeners can swipe/tap (Engagements) to hear your song, these Engagements usually result in streams in the short term. This aims to satisfy the streaming component of the algorithm.
    • Exposure campaigns can only go Live once your song is out, so you aren’t missing anything there. We recommend submitting both a Conversions and an Exposure campaign for each release.
    • Pro-tip set your Exposure budget to $750+ and have your song automatically pitched to Rise’s Verified Playlist Partner Network of more than 40 authentic playlists.
  • Together, these campaigns are a very strong tool to increase your chances for success.