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Instagram Profile Visits Campaign Explainer


  • Overview
  • How much does it cost?
  • How does it work and where do the fans come from?
  • How do I set up a Profile Visits campaign?
  • What are the demographics of the potential fans?
  • What makes Rise different from other platforms and marketing companies?
  • How do I track campaign results?
  • What if I have questions about my campaign?


Instagram followers are still one of the most important vanity metrics an entertainer or brand can have. While there are countless ways to boost this number on the cheap, not only are you breaking Instagram’s/Meta’s Terms of Service by buying followers, you’re also potentially killing your profile.

We built Rise’s Instagram Profile Visits campaigns to help you build new followers authentically, by using your own content to attract a larger audience. And everything is in line with Meta’s TOS so you don’t have to worry about shadowbans, bots, or massive follower purges. 

Though we can’t guarantee follower growth, we can guarantee a range of profile visits from targeted people. When a Profile Visits campaign is matched with high quality content, and a solid Instagram strategy, there is often a high conversion rate from profile visits to new followers.

The best part is these new fans have seen your content, liked it enough to click on your page, and from there they have the opportunity to view any posts on your profile, engage and follow. This is the best type of follower to have because they are a true fan and want to be part of your community.

 Here’s what Rise Instagram Profile Visits Campaigns Do:

  1. Showcases your best content to targeted potential fans
  2. Increases your reach by hundreds of thousands, or millions of people. 
  3. Allows more people to see your posts opening up more opportunities to engage in a crowded feed
  4. Can aid in follower growth. While engagement is the first priority, we aim to build your followers as well.
  5. Focuses on quality, and less on quantity. Rise is not a good fit for you if you’re expecting huge follower numbers for low cost – and anyone promising you or selling you followers is breaking Meta’s Terms Of Service. 
  6. Reports results to a dashboard that updates daily.

These campaigns are run from your Instagram account, as long as you’re able to invite us to your connected Facebook Business page.

If you’re unable to make that connection for any reason we can run them as “Dark Ads” from our profile. From there, we run ads created with the content of your choosing, or we can select a post native to your feed that we believe will deliver a successful campaign. Instagram ads will be served to a targeted person who clicks or taps on it, and is taken to your IG profile.

Rise guarantees a number of profile visits from potential fans based on your budget. Because these are real people, we can’t force a person to engage in any specific way, or follow. Typically people will comment, like, and follow much more easily if your content has “social proof”, meaning there is organic interest. If your posts only have only a couple of comments, it’s less likely a new person will comment, whereas posts with a bunch of comments to start will typically see more comments and engagement.

It’s helpful to remember that different platforms often have different barriers and levels for engagement for different people. Think of your own engagement habits on various platforms. If you’re like many of us, you might be more likely to comment on Instagram, save a post or share with a friend. But that doesn’t mean you are as actively engaged on other platforms. It’s also helpful to think about your own requirements before you choose to follow a new profile. Would the content you’re creating and sharing earn your follow if you had nothing to do with it?

Keep that in mind when you’re setting your expectations for how others may choose to engage on your content. 

How much does it cost?

All Rise campaigns can be created either as a Single (one-time) campaign or as a Monthly Subscription (ongoing until canceled any time after the third month).

  • Single Campaign: The minimum campaign price is just $100, which guarantees a range of 200 – 500 profile visits when targeting a global audience, and 100 to 250 profile visits when optimizing for only big-5 territories, which is more expensive to promote to.
  • Subscription Campaign: Subscription campaigns include automatically discounted results, and start at just $225/mo. Subscriptions are required to run for a minimum of 3 months, but can be canceled anytime after that. They will remain live until you request cancellation via a support ticket from your customer dashboard. In the rare event the campaign hasn’t met its goals upon cancellation, we will continue to run the campaign for however long it takes to reach the goals based on total budget spent. 
  • Rise also offers Instagram Engagement campaigns which can help increase engagement on a specific post. We recommend running both campaign types in tandem.

How Does It Work?

How can we guarantee engagements are real? 

Rise leverages Facebook Ads Manager to ensure we’re fully compliant with the platform’s terms of service, and to ensure transparency in our campaigns. 

Clicks on ads that Facebook considers to be illegitimate, such as unintentional clicks or clicks resulting from malicious software will not be included in your reporting metrics.

Each click on an ad is examined by Facebook, which has sophisticated systems to identify invalid clicks and impressions and remove them from your account data. 

Here are a few examples of what Facebook might consider to be invalid clicks:

  • Manual clicks intended to increase your advertising costs
  • Clicks by automated clicking tools, robots, or other deceptive software
  • Extraneous clicks that provide no value to the advertiser, such as the second click of a double-click

How Do I Setup an Instagram Profile Visits Campaign?

Creating a campaign is straightforward, takes only a few minutes, and can be done directly through our website on desktop or mobile,

For this article, we’re going to demonstrate how to create a single Instagram Profile Visits campaign optimized for a global audience. (Please note we do offer subscriptions, which include automatic discounts, and are a great option for ongoing growth with consistent releases).

First, you choose a platform: i.e. Instagram. Then enter your contact information, and click GET STARTED.

Next, you’ll name your campaign and choose the start date:

Next up, pick between a single campaign or subscription. For this example, we’re continuing the process of setting up a Single Instagram Profile Visits campaign. Then, select your preferred targeting, campaign type, and enter your budget. Rise will tell you exactly how many profile visits we can guarantee based on your inputs. You may enter any budget you like and preview the guaranteed results before you pay for a campaign. Go to to experiment with optimization and budget to see what results Rise will guarantee. Larger budgets will guarantee larger results, and will take longer to run. If you ever have questions about allocating your budget, you can always email a growth expert:


Please note that the campaign flight is just an estimate, and some campaigns can be successfully completed in fewer days, while others might take longer.

IMPORTANT: When promoting your post or content on Facebook or Instagram, your video must comply with Meta’s advertising guidelines. This means that if your video includes sensitive or adult content that may not be suitable for all audiences, your post may not be approved for a campaign. Rise is subject to those terms and conditions, as well. 

Rise will collect payment with a secure integration to our merchant provider, Stripe. After payment, there are additional and important details needed for Rise to process and run a successful campaign. You’re probably wondering, “When do I input my Instagram handle?” and other important information. This is all in the next step and only takes a few minutes to complete.

For Instagram campaigns you do need to provide Rise with advertiser access, so we can promote YOUR profile from our Ads account. You will not be charged by Facebook, instead our account is charged for the ads we’re running on your behalf.

You will input your profile link and upload the video you’d like promoted in the ad. Then you will list any similar IG creators, or accounts that you think will aid in the targeting efforts, and provide Rise permission to use the assets you’ve uploaded, as well as anything you’ve posted on your profile if we believe that content will deliver superior results.


Now, just one more step…

For Instagram campaigns, we require account access, and this can also help us optimize your campaign and get better results. If you’re unable to provide access, please let us know and we can run the profile visits campaign as a “Dark Ad” from our accounts, though it will only benefit you to have it run from your profile. 

And congratulations, your campaign has been created, and everything else happens for you!

What are the demographics of the potential fans?

This is a great question and is asked frequently, and for great reasons! In short, Rise targets viewers primarily following many platforms advice and trends:

  • Rise will use a data-driven approach to target viewers who are most likely to engage and react positively to the content.
  • Based on your genre or vibe. Rise prioritizes targeting to reach like-minded fans of specific creators, artists, genres and other facets.
  • Re-targeting the warmest fans. Our campaigns deliver retargeted ads to viewers who have shown repeated interest in our ads and music recommendations. 
  • Finally, location. Many platforms encourage artists to accumulate a global fanbase in different cities and countries around the world, especially ranked by engagement. For Instagram campaigns Rise offers global targeting or Big-5 (US, UK, CAN, AUS, NZ). Over time, it is likely that more options will roll out.
  • Based on these factors, you could expect to see a wide variety of locations in your analytics from a Rise campaign. Viewers will never be exclusive to any one location and must be real Instagram users.

Some artists ask to target only specific markets, i.e. “I want only people in New York to follow me because that’s where I live and perform.” Beyond the fact that Instagram is not designed to increase your physical footprint in specific markets, obtaining clicks and views from exclusively premium cities is a very expensive endeavor, and would tremendously increase the cost of results – regardless if they are from Rise or any other marketing company.


How to track my results?

Once your campaign is live, you can sit back and watch the results come in, usually within 24 hours of launch. If you haven’t connected your FB account or submitted all campaign details, this could delay the campaign getting started. You’ll receive email notification about your campaign status, for example, an email confirmation that we’ve received your campaign, a notice that your campaign has been scheduled for the date you selected it to start, or that your campaign has been completed. You can monitor your campaign from your customer dashboard. This updates every 24 hours with the core metrics for your particular campaign. 

Within 24 hours of your Instagram Profile Visits campaign going live, you will be able to track profile visits and impressions in your dashboard.

In your dashboard you can see a historical list of every Rise campaign you’ve run, and by clicking VIEW on any particular campaign, you can see that campaign’s individual results. 

We will only ever report metrics and results that are a direct result of your Rise Campaign, that we can transparently guarantee. For example, if you’re running a separate campaign in Facebook Ads, or you “Boosted” a post, or if you are enjoying good organic reach, we will not report any views from those efforts. This way you can always evaluate your campaign and compare it directly to other marketing strategies you might be using, and compare it with your organic growth too. 


What if I have questions about my campaign?

In a world of shady third-party playlists, fake Instagram promoters lurching in your DMs, Rise prides itself on customer service. And just like the people who get to listen to your music or view your latest Reel, we are real people who are monitoring, optimizing and managing your campaign. You can submit a support ticket from your dashboard, and someone from our team will reach out to you.

Keep in mind that the platform is heavily automated, and while we do have quality control personnel on staff, there are certain things that we won’t catch. For example, if you made a mistake during your campaign set up by uploading the wrong video, you can solve that quickly with a support ticket, and we will manually update your campaign details.  

We understand that every marketing dollar is precious, and we are grateful to have earned your business and your trust. Keep Rising!

What makes Rise different from other marketing companies?

There is a lot that separates Rise from other companies. First of all, Rise is the only platform to fully guarantee campaign results and also fully automate the campaign delivery from start to finish. 

This means that Rise can be seamlessly and regularly incorporated into your marketing strategy, used in tandem with other tools, or by your marketing team. We’re not looking to replace anyone, but simply be a complimentary resource that can help your team become more efficient and achieve greater results.


Guaranteed results

Every Rise campaign includes guaranteed results based on platform, optimization and budget. We only guarantee results that we can directly control. For example, on an Instagram Profile Visits campaign, we guarantee a minimum number of people will visit your profile. But we can’t guarantee that every profile visitor will love your music, view the video repeatedly, and follow your account, but we hope they do! This is why the dashboard includes only tangible results we have control over. 


Though it might seem strange for a marketing company to not promise Instagram followers, we won’t do it. We don’t because that’s a direct violation of Meta’s Terms of Service. Anyone who is promising you followers for money is breaking those terms, and likely using fake followers. Gaining followers is usually a byproduct of an Instagram campaign if you have good content, but those are authentically earned and are voluntary. 

Built to play the long game

Each of Rise’s campaign types is built on a specific strategy that our strategists have spent countless hours, and our own resources to test and develop, each designed to reach a specific goal. If you’re looking for a quick increase in vanity metrics, fake streams or results that seem too good to be true, Rise is not for you. But if you want real, sustainable and authentic results, and you consistently use Rise as part of a well-rounded strategy, you will increase your chances for success.


Rise helps indie artists, developing acts, brands and any content creators alike clear one of the most difficult roadblocks in the industry — getting real people to engage with your content. This doesn’t mean that every impression or engagement will result directly in a ticket-buying, merch-wearing fan. But even for minimum budget campaigns, we can get people to your profile. This helps you increase your brand awareness as an artist or a creator. And because our data-driven approach targets people who are most likely to engage with your content, these impressions have a better chance of resulting in real and future engagement.

We take the Y out of DIY

Other companies or platforms offer artists a DIY option to promote their music, or run social ads to cold audiences. But that requires you to become a Social Ads expert and offers no easy way to directly track results. With Rise, our team of experts monitor your campaign daily, ensuring maximized success, and delivering guaranteed results, so you can spend your time doing things you enjoy, like making great music!

Backed by real people

Most marketing websites are shady at best, and there’s often no chance of seeing the individual or team behind it. This should always be a huge red flag. Everyone at Rise is credible in the music and entertainment industry, you can check out our about page to see our photos, bios, and more. A lot of us are artists ourselves. 

If you’re new to Rise, and want to speak directly with one of our growth experts, you can schedule a video meeting. Though just about everything you need to know is on the website, sometimes it helps to have a conversation. You can also email us to get answers to your questions. We’d be happy to take a look at your profiles, and recommend campaign types, or budget allocation. 

Will Rise work if I’m running other campaigns? 

The quick answer is, absolutely. Rise sees best results when it’s used consistently by artists, and as a part of a well-rounded marketing strategy. Our results are tracked separately and will not interfere with other platforms or tools you may be using.

Real listeners, Real people. No Bots.

Rise knows the danger in bots, and the value of real listeners and viewers — and the pitfalls of fake and phony results. Rise is built for authentic, realistic growth.  

No expensive creative assets required

Even in a time of AI generated art and ChatGPT, building good creative assets can be taxing and expensive. With Rise, your content is the creative asset. You don’t need to hire designers or editors to create special content for this campaign.


Can I see any case studies?

Rise has published a number of public case studies on our website. You can check those out here!


Who uses Rise?

Rise is a majorly vetted music marketing platform that works with Sony, Warner, Universal, Nettwerk, The Nations, Scooter Braun Projects, Red Bull Music, Empire, The Orchard, Curb, Black Box, AWAL, MTheory, Rock Mafia, Heroine etc. and thousands of independent artists globally.

We’ve also been fortunate enough to receive many public testimonials and endorsements from many loyal artists, labels, distributors, and management companies.

Who is Rise?

Rise was launched in 2020 and ascended rapidly as a trusted marketing platform in the industry. 

Our executive team ranges in experience from record label ownership and management, serial entrepreneurs and investors, software developers, growth, social, digital marketing, paid ads and ecommerce experts, to Entertainment and sports executives and marketers, to musicians and artists just like you who share the same passion for music.

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