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Just Launched: Branded Playlist Growth Campaigns

For some time now, we have received a lot of requests from customers who are interested in growing their playlist followers in the same way that Rise grows followers for artists. We are excited to announce that this campaign option is now available here on the website!

Rise has been responsible for the growth of more than 350,000+ playlist followers since the testing for this campaign type began less than a year ago. Needless to say, we’re very happy with the quality of these campaigns and the playlists and playlist brands they’ve helped build.

A few examples of who these help:

  1. Brands that are looking to build a presence on Spotify.
  2. Labels, distributors, and other music companies who are looking to use branded playlists as a way to promote their artists and earn more streaming revenue.
  3. Existing playlist curators who already have followers and who are engaged but struggle to find affordable advertising growth, or just want to amplify their own promotion.
  4. Existing playlist curators who have previously had engaged listeners but have fallen flat and are finding it difficult to continue growing.
  5.  Artists who have engaged playlists of their own and are looking to amplify their reach to new listeners interested in their genre.

Growing your playlist will help it show up higher in search results on Spotify and organically reach more prospective followers and listeners when it is actively growing.

These campaigns will be available only by creating a 3-month minimum subscription. The reason for this is the campaign will take time to optimize to a point where the guaranteed results can be achieved. In simpler words, your first month’s results may appear to have a high cost per follower, before optimizing and leveling out. The minimum subscription period ensures Rise is able to deliver the results reliably.

Curious about the pricing? Tap over to our Campaign Creator to preview your results before you start the campaign.

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