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Rise Subscription Campaigns

Rise Subscription Campaigns

Did you know you can create a subscription campaign on any platform with Rise? 

We offer subscription campaigns on every platform we work with — Spotify, YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. Subscription campaigns are a simpler way to get guaranteed monthly results, and are cheaper than running single campaigns.  

With a subscription campaign you can promote any song for a single artist on Spotify, or YouTube Channel, or consistently send new prospective fans and followers to an Instagram Profile, or TikTok post. You can even increase your likes and streams on your Spotify Playlist with a Spotify Playlist Growth subscription.

What’s the difference between a subscription campaign and a single campaign?

Rise Subscription campaigns are designed for artists and creators who are consistently releasing songs and making new content. Where a single Rise campaign will deliver you a specific range or minimum results, with a subscription campaign you can see those results continue month to month.

Rise Campaign Features

Single Campaign

Subscription Campaign

Guaranteed Results

Discounted Price


Continuous Growth/Engagement


Switch Focus Track, Video or Post


Cancel anytime after 3rd month



Is a subscription right for me?

Rise Subscription campaigns are perfect for any artist or creator who:

  • Is releasing multiple songs over several months, or new music every month
  • Is posting new YouTube content, or has existing content they want to promote
  • Is posting new YouTube videos/content regularly
  • Wants to Increase Spotify Followers, Song Saves, and opt-ins for future pre-saves
  • Wants to keep submitting music to our Tout Network Curators for potential playlisting
  • Wants to keep introducing their music to targeted listeners
  • Doesn’t want to run Digital Marketing campaigns themselves, but wants to increase engagement and digital footprint consistently
  • Wants guaranteed results, month over month
  • Wants to save money

How Do Subscriptions Campaigns Work?

Depending on the platform you choose (Spotify, YouTube, etc.), you would set up your subscription the same way you’d create a single campaign on Rise. You’d pick the platform, artist/creator, objective, and your monthly budget, which is discounted 10% to 15% off of single campaigns that would deliver the same results, depending on the package you choose.

Before you pay for your campaign, Rise will display an estimate for what the campaign will deliver based on objectives and budget. After you pay we’ll collect the rest of the necessary information to run your campaign. 

Most subscription campaigns start within 2 business days from the time they are received. Some YouTube campaigns may take longer as we must submit each video to Google Review, so that it can be approved for an ads campaign. 

You want to switch the focus track for your Spotify campaign? No problem. With a YouTube or Spotify subscription, you can switch the focus track, or video from your own dashboard. Just create a support ticket with the new song link or YouTube URL, and the team will start promoting the new content. 

For Instagram and TikTok, we focus on sending traffic directly to your account profile, and use creative assets provided by you that will do the best job at driving potential new fans to your profiles.

How do I cancel my Subscription?

Rise subscriptions require a three-month minimum commitment, but won’t end automatically after the third month. Many artists keep subscriptions running year round to achieve maximum results. Any time after the third month has been successfully billed the campaign can be canceled anytime automatically via a support ticket. 

From your customer dashboard click the SUPPORT tab → Fill out the form → select SUBSCRIPTIONS under Support Type. Please include the original order ID, and any other details like campaign name, start date, etc.

Once Rise receives your cancellation request we can ensure your subscription will be canceled promptly. If your campaign hasn’t yet reached total goals based on total budget spent, we will continue to run the campaign, but you will not be billed again.

If you want to run a subscription in the future when you have more music coming out, you can create a new campaign.

How Much Do Subscriptions Cost?

    • Spotify: starting at $225.00/mo
    • Instagram: starting at $225.00/mo
  • YouTube: starting at $225/mo
    • TikTok: starting at 1,200/mo
  • TikTok ads platform requires a significant daily spend, which increases the cost of long-term TikTok campaigns

What if my campaign doesn’t reach the goals in any given month?

The vast majority of subscription campaigns reach their stated goals every month, with a good number of them surpassing budget estimates each month. But if your campaign happens to fall short, the campaign will catch up in the following month, or months.

For subscriptions the stated goals are averages, and could ebb and flow from month to month. We’ll continue to run your subscription campaign until goals are met based on total budget spent. For example, if you keep the campaign active for 6 months and then cancel it, we will stop the billing, but continue to run the campaign for however long it takes to achieve goals based on total campaign spend — even in the event it takes more than a month to achieve.

How do I track my campaign results?

All subscription campaign results are tracked cumulatively from the start date. So you won’t see separate reporting info for each month, or if you swap in new content. To see the core metrics of your campaign, just click VIEW next to the original campaign order ID. 

If you have any questions you can submit a detailed support ticket and someone from our team will reach out to you.