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Why Was My YouTube Campaign Disapproved?

Why Was My YouTube Campaign Disapproved? 

Have you recently tried running a YouTube ads campaign only to see it marked as disapproved in your dashboard? Well you’re certainly not alone. And while there’s no shortage of content on YouTube that would make your Aunt Debbie blush, just because a video is allowed to be uploaded to YouTube does not mean that it would automatically qualify for a paid ads campaign.

For example, you can type in the name of your favorite snake (ours is the Anaconda), and see any number of mature videos — from Jon Voit being eaten alive, to Nicki Minaj serving. 

While this creates some understandable confusion, there’s a clear distinction between what can be posted to the streaming platform, and what Google — YouTube’s parent company — will allow to be advertised to potential audiences.

There are any number of reasons that Google will flag a video, and we encourage you to read more about Google’s advertising guidelines to be sure you are creating content that can be promoted with paid ads in the first place. But any video with profanity, violence, alcohol abuse, adult content, sensitive events or subjects, or any shocking content are not eligible to be advertised on YouTube and may be disapproved. Videos that include people in various states of undress, or exposing lots of skin are also likely to be disapproved.

Rise always encourages submitting a different video if you believe yours will not be approved for ads based on Google Ads’ guidelines. 

How do I know what aspect of my video caused it to be flagged or disapproved?

Unfortunately Google doesn’t give specific feedback when it disapproves of a video, but a good guide to follow is if the video is appropriate for all audiences, including young children. We often say Google has “Disney-like standards.” Meaning if your video isn’t appropriate to be shown on a Disney Platform, then it’s unlikely going to be approved for a Google Ads campaign. 

Can I appeal Google’s decision?

In short, no. It takes our team time and energy to process campaigns, and submit these videos for review. Additionally submitting videos that break Google’s ads policies puts our account in jeopardy.

Why was my video approved at first?

Google AdWords uses automated systems to scan and review ads even before they are submitted, this is known as preemptive review. These systems are designed to identify potential policy violations or content that may not meet their guidelines. If the system flags certain elements or phrases in your ad as potentially non-compliant, it will be disapproved immediately. This is done to ensure that ads adhere to their policies from the start.

But it doesn’t always catch everything. There could be various reasons why your Google Ads campaign was disapproved after delivery, including the chance that viewers flagged it as inappropriate or breaching guidelines. Here are some common reasons:

  1. Policy Violations: Google has strict advertising policies, and if your ad violates any of them, it may be disapproved. Common policy violations include promoting illegal products or services, using inappropriate language, or violating Google’s healthcare and medicine policies.
  2. Misleading Content: If your ad contains misleading information or makes false claims, it may be disapproved. Google aims to provide users with accurate and trustworthy information.
  3. Unacceptable Business Practices: Ads promoting deceptive or unfair business practices are not allowed. This includes ads that promote scams, counterfeiting, or other dishonest practices.
  4. Restricted Content: Certain products or services have restrictions or require additional approvals. Examples include alcohol, gambling, and healthcare-related products. If you are advertising in a regulated industry, make sure you comply with Google’s advertising policies for that specific category.
  5. Destination URL Issues: If the landing page linked in your ad doesn’t work or doesn’t comply with Google’s policies, your ad may be disapproved. Ensure that your landing page provides a good user experience and is relevant to the ad.
  6. Trademark Issues: If your ad includes trademarked terms and you don’t have permission to use them, your ad may be disapproved. Be sure to respect intellectual property rights.
  7. Ad Quality: Google may disapprove ads if they don’t meet their quality standards. This includes issues with ad formatting, spelling, and grammar.

Can I get a refund if my video isn’t approved?

Because we ask artists to verify that their videos comply with Google’s Ad Guidelines before they submit the campaign, these campaigns are not eligible for refund. 

However, videos that are rejected by Google can receive credit on Rise for future campaigns.

What can I do with my Rise Credit?

If your video was disapproved by Google, it’s likely that other streaming services will not approve it for an ads campaign, like Instagram, or TikTok, for example.

But Spotify doesn’t have any approval process, so you can always promote even explicit versions of your song or content on Spotify. Or you can hold onto your Rise Credit and promote a future video that is made with Google’s ad guidelines in mind. 

Remember, Google AdWords has specific guidelines in place to maintain the quality and integrity of their advertising platform. By familiarizing yourself with these guidelines and ensuring compliance, you’ll have a smoother experience in getting your ads approved and reaching your target audience effectively. Rise wishes you the best of luck with your ad campaigns!