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Case Studies: Branded Spotify Playlist Growth Campaigns prove to increase followers, listeners and engagement

Rise Playlist Growth campaigns are designed to increase Followers and listeners on your Spotify playlist. We added more than 1-million playlist followers for customers the first year offering this campaign alone.

We’ve been fortunate to work with the likes of Vydia, Anjuna Beats, Endel, Chill Nation, NBC’s World of Dance, among countless others, to increase exposure and listeners for their Spotify Playlists.

Below you can check out some case studies, starting with our good friends and partners, Chill Nation.

Why Playlist Growth Campaigns?

These campaigns focus on awareness to promote your playlist or brand. Building a playlist or network can be a highly valuable asset for influence and promotion. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re a seasoned curator brand looking to expand, Rise offers a solution for guaranteed growth.

Create your very own Spotify Playlist Growth campaign here.

Soundstripe also found success growing their Bathtub Chill playlist with Rise.

Guaranteed Follower & Listener Growth

Rise guarantees that your ads will get in front of highly targeted listeners and guarantee conversion to Followers. We have seen our campaigns convert to an average of 10 streams per Follower repeating, with some playlists performing significantly higher!

NBC’s World of Dance saw a 300-percent increase in followers over their course of their Rise campaign.

Increase Instagram Followers

As an added benefit, you can expect your Instagram Followers to increase as a result of the exposure from your playlist growth campaign. Brands or Curators who have excellent visual content enjoy significant follower growth month over month.

Unparalleled Audiences & Targeting

Rise has unrivaled audiences and data at its disposal to advertise and recommend your music effectively. From rap to chill instrumental and everything in between, Rise has proprietary audience pools of warm listeners from around the world for direct recommendation, highly targeted advertising, playlist audiences, and re-targeting audiences.

Reporting and Analytics

You’ll be able to track your results through your Dashboard and receive status updates about your campaign automatically.

You can read more about our Branded Spotify Playlist Growth campaigns here. And you can create your own Branded Spotify Playlist Growth campaign now.